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Northern Creative Investments, LLC

Investing in Commercial Multifamily Apartments

Partnering for Success

My name is Shane Lehman and I am a private investor in Northeast Wisconsin. I invest in Commercial Multifamily Apartments because I believe that is where the long term wealth is.

I am currently investing in the Texas and Carolina's because they are emerging markets with high potential uptick.

I use an extensive network of fellow investors, both locally and throughout the US, brokers, professional apartment managers, property inspectors, bankers, mortgage brokers, and attorneys to find, asquire, manage, and sell.

We find properties in desired locations that we can aquire for below market value that have strong value plays, either below market rents or above average expenses, that we can use to increase the Net Operating Income. We use analysis software to determine if we can get the desired cash on cash return we want for our investors. We then perfom 3 types of due dilience on the property; legal, physical, and . If everything checks out we then proceed to purchase the property and put our management team into place preparing for a long term 3-5 year hold. While we are holding the property we constantly are looking for ways to improve cashflow and get the maximum appreciation. When the time is right in the market cycle, where we think we can get top dollar, we then proceed to sell the property, or refinance and pay off our investors initial investment and share of the profits.

That is basically how we operate. If you are intested in partnering opportunities with me or have an investment property that you or someone you know needs to sell, contact me via phone or email.