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Northern Creative Investments, LLC

Investing in Commercial Multifamily Apartments

Partnering for Success

Investor Qualification Questionnaire - This form must be filled out if you are interested in partnering on any deal we may have to offer


To qualify as an investor you must either be an accredited investor or a non-accredited sophisticated investor. Please answer the questions below to find out if you qualify ***************************************************************************************************** I am interested in exploring real estate opportunities with Northern Creative Investments, LLC. I understand that I must meet the qualifications of an accredited investor by meeting the requirements of section (A) or (B) below or be a sophisticated investor requirements of section (C).
(A) Income: I am single and my annual income was at least Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) in each of the last 2 years, or I am married and my joint income with my spouse was in excess of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000) in each of the last 2 years, and I/we have reasonable expectations of the same income level for the immediate future.
(B) Net Worth: My individual net worth or joint net worth, with that of my spouse, exceeds One Million Dollars ($1,000,000), disreguarding any positive equity in my personal residence. (Note, however, that negative equity with respect to a personal residence should also be considered in this calculation)
(C) Non-Accredited Investor: I am sophisticated in that I have sufficient knowledge and experience in financial and business matters and am capable of evaluating the merits and risks of the prospective investments that will be shown to me by Northern Creative Investments, LLC.
I am interested in investing the following amount of money with Northern Creative Investments, LLC
Is any of the amount selected above IRA funds
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